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Hello there! I'm Kyle Kuo, a passionate developer and designer specializing in front-end development and user experience design. Since 2018, I've had the privilege of collaborating with creative individuals to craft bespoke, scalable, and maintainable web experiences.

Working at Rocket Lawyer. Previously at Plano B. Currently based in Rio.

ESDI Plano B

Product DesignWeb DevelopmentUXUIArt DirectionInformation Architecture PHPCSSJavaScriptLit ElementD3FigmaAdobe XD

Shiro Admin Interface Plano B

Product designWeb DevelopmentUXUIInformation Architecture VueNuxtJavascriptD3PHPCSSFigma

Memória da Eletricidade Plano B

Web DevelopmentUXUIGraphic Design PHPCSSJavaScriptD3Adobe Illustrator

Base de Dados de Livros de Fotografia Plano B

BrandingWeb DevelopmentUXUIArt DirectionGraphic Design PHPCSSJavaScriptD3Adobe Illustrator


Creative CodingArt DirectionGraphic Design ProcessingAdobe Photoshop

machadodeassis.net Plano B

Web DevelopmentUXUIGraphic Design PHPCSSJavaScriptD3Adobe Illustrator

Other projects:

Ocupação Refúgio SESC Plano B
Panorâmica Rosemberg MAM Plano B
Discografia Brasileira IMS Plano B
Portal da Crônica Brasileira IMS, Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa Plano B
Proarq UFRJ Plano B

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