Creative CodingArt DirectionGraphic Design
ProcessingAdobe Photoshop
Date September 2019

An interactive co-hyper-photography experiment

My direct contributions:

  • Concept
  • Code development

ERRO NA LOCALIZAÇÃO (LOCATION ERROR) is a photography experiment centered around false locations on Instagram, places like “Wonderland”, “Find me”, “Moon” and so on. Instagram’s algorithm gives these places an actual adress, usually in the location of the first phone that used it.

Even before we finalized our concept, I began exploring ways to manipulate images through code. Using Processing, I was able to replicate some experiments I previosly did in Photoshop and later improve and improvise.

The experiment depends the user’s interaction with our system, distorting, superimposing and merging the inital photos, creating abstract landscapes out of images randomly picked from a curated set and stylized by the user.